Almost 3am

They say that nothing good ever happens after 2am but I seem to be at my most creative in the dead hours of the night. Obviously this has nothing to do with the slightly morbid title of this blog (League of Legends reference, anyone?) but I’d like to think that the content of this blog will wax lyrical sonnets about what shackles my soul.

But it’s almost 3am, the guinea pig is running circles around my bedroom floor and my adorable overgrown boy is attempting to once again, push me off the bed while I sit here, wide awake. I probably shouldn’t have indulged in that mid afternoon post lunch nap but it’s my day off; what else is a girl to do?

I haven’t had a regular blog/space since I was in high school. I’ve tried so many times to reboot my amateur attempts of journalism with themes arching over food and video games but sadly, none have stuck around. And they’ve never bothered me; my passion for food is as ever present but I’m far more interested in creating followed by ravishing said dish than I am with photographing the finished products and writing the minute details of its creation; I do love my video games but again, more playing, less analyzing.

3am and wide awake is the exact state of mind where I wish I had the space to vent and ramble, somewhere/someone who will listen when everyone in the house, even the little animals, are asleep. Tumblr is fun and all that but to me, it’s just pretty pictures and everything moves too fast to really regurgitate long walls of emotions. So I guess a blog about life in general probably won’t go wrong. It may be interesting or it may be a wall of text about why I’m annoyed with life at the moment. There’ll be content about games, food and pretty much everything under the sun. Who knows; life is a mystery.

I think what I’m trying to say is that you should probably stick around and ride this out with me x


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