Naan, Nog and Sausage Stew

So I go through these massive phases of constantly getting take out or eating out and just going completely ballistic in the kitchen and trying to cook everything I see online. At the root of it all, I do love cooking. I love that I can just pretty much throw things together and more often than not, it’ll come out tasting decent. I’ve spent a fair bit of time working in hospitality and I have attempted to make my food look pretty but whatever, it is home cooked comfort food and it doesn’t have to look pretty.

Following our anniversary dinner here and tasting the best naan bread I’ve ever had,  I came home and started looking up recipes to make some at home. Bread top has this really good naan bread with onions in it but who wants to pay $3 for a piece of naan bread every time you get a craving. I found this recipe and I knew I had to try it. And I ended up with this stack of amazing delicious garlic naan bread –


I had to make some changes to the recipe; I couldn’t find any baking powder/soda or wheat flour so I went the lazy route and made do with 4 cups of self raising flour. And with the whole brushing butter with whatever topping you wanted on the 2nd side while you’re cooking – Cheese and I just mixed in our minced garlic into the melted butter and oil and brushed that on both sides while it cooked. It turned out well enough and the only downside – we didn’t have any curry to eat with it.


Then yesterday, one of the boys came home with cartons of egg nog. And I knew I just had to, had to try my hand at making egg nog. We used this recipe for cooked egg nog while there was honey sausage stew cooking. If you haven’t had the honey flavoured sausages from Woolworths, you really have no idea what you’re missing out on. My stew is based off this recipe, replacing the stew beef with sausages and adding lots and lots of onions. It’s great – honey sausages just add a whole new depth of sweetness to an otherwise savoury and spicy stew. It’s one of my favourite big batch meals to cook and store in the fridge for cold sleepless nights and went great with leftover garlic naan. I highly recommend it.

Definitely some Christmas spirit going around in this household. 


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