Cocktails and Drag Queens

My housemates and I have a favourite spot when we decide to hit the town and the fact that it happens to be “Perth’s Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Venue” is irrelevant to our choice of venue. The music is usually top notch, the crowd is incredibly friendly, they serve amazing food before 2100 and they have fancy cocktails that appeal to mine, and Emily’s sweet tooth.



Since waving goodbye to hospitality for an extended breather, I’ve been slowly learning to appreciate my weekend nights out. Hospitality (in Australia anyway) does wonders for my income but does the worse things to my social life. I am by no means a social butterfly but I appreciate the freedom to be able to spend my weekends however I like.

My love affair with The Court Hotel began about two and a half years ago when as a fresh international student, I was invited out with about 12 others to discover what Perth had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed and The Court became my go to spot for restless nights. But hospitality got in the way and I’ve only recently rekindled my love with the colourful venue.

The boys and I dropped in for the Howl-o-ween Party followed by the very fruitful LGBT Traffic Light Party a few weeks back and decided that come Monday, when we have about 2 months of housemIMG_6113ates travelling, we’d have one final shebang and party it right. So I got prettied up, we rode the bus while we waited for the taxi then settled in for a night of dancing.

On Halloween, we were treated to some very entertaining drag shows by the ever talented cast lead by Hannah Conda. Unfortunately, the beer garden was closed off for a special ticketed event this evening and we missed out and what I heard was a very glitzy show. If I could afford that extra $30 for the ticket to the show, you bet I’d be there in the front row. Alas, we were relegated to spying on all the glitter and big hair from afar.



Cocktails are usually a pricey affair in town but when you’ve been offered a Pink Sugar Rush and a Cookies and Creamtini, can you really say no? The Court have a good array of aptly named cocktails and I’ve yet to try them all. Apparently a new menu was launched recently so we were quite keen to have a few sips of these sweethearts. I won’t say these were mindblowing but they were nice and definitely perked us up for all the dancing.

We rounded off the evening with some chocolate shakes and the customary drop in at Libido, the neighbourhood sex store before the great hunt for taxis begun. If hunting for taxis was an olympic sport… I probably wouldn’t do very well heh.

So what did you do this weekend?


The Court Hotel is located on 50 Beaufort Street
and you should definitely check out their upcoming events here.


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