22 | Perth

I have an awesome origin story. I mean, I’d write it all out but where’s the fun in that? Not fun for me obviously, recounting the past 22 years of my life. But here’s a TL;DR of the most important parts

# Undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor of finance
# Chair of the board of directors of the Australian Quidditch Association
# Quidditch Player *Retired* now to fully commit more time to organizing quidditch events and expansion in Australia
# I have a gorgeous guinea pig called Poro
# I like video games = RPGs and LoL all the way
# I like food
# My boyfriends name is Cheese

There’s plenty more about me but these ^ are what my life revolves around and there’s probably not much else that’ll earn a mention on the blog. But maybe life will get more interesting, who knows?


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